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AO( Abyalat Orthopaedics) is an orthopaedic family company! We are the first importers and distributors of exclusively orthopaedic products ( Implants,instruments and supplies) in Ethiopia.... We import and sale complete list of high quality implants, instruments, orthopaedic tools & supplies from renowened manifacturers all over the world. We are regitered at Minstry of Trade, Minstry of Health and EFMHACA, Ethiopia. Our intention is to regularly provide full flaged orthopaedic implants and produts to our surgeons, hospitals and patients at a fare price.



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Pitkar-India and Abyalat-Ethiopia have officially signed an agreement at EFMHACA and the company is registered in Ethiopia. Pitkar & Abyalat started communication on possible exclusive distribution deal on August 11,2011. Abyalat orthopeadics will be the sole agent to distribute all S.H Pitkar's products in Ethiopia.

A representative from S.H Pitkar company in Pune(India), Mr. Santosh has visited Abyalat Orthopeadics Plc(office, store, warehouse and shop) here in Addis on June 15, 2012. He signed the official trade agreement with Abyalat Orthopeadics(A.O) Plc, represented by senior delegation on February 28, 2013.

The General manager of Abyalat Orthopeadics and one of the shareholders will visit Pitkar in March, 2013.


You may request for detailed information on all orthopaedic implants and products.


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Address: Bole, CMC - summit road, behind BP fuel gas station, Medocs building ground floor